Loans and insurance in one place – that’s the catalog

In today’s complex world full of endless offerings of different kinds and ways, they are a welcome change of place that can greatly simplify everything. In the case of finance, such a site becomes the Dudol internet portal, which offers each of us the opportunity to obtain the necessary information to do what currently weighs us down.

Bahal’s advertising catalog in the field of finance will help you to look for an ideal financial product that is tailored to your needs. And hand on heart. A reliable mentor is always useful, whatever it is.

What specifically does the Dudol advertising catalog do?

What specifically does the Dudol advertising catalog do?

Using Bahal, a user can focus on comparing three basic categories:

  • loan comparison
  • mortgage comparison
  • insurance comparison

Each individual ad comparison group matches your search and your specific needs. The more detailed you are, the more specific your result will be.

Compare loans using Dudol

This service is designed for all people who have come into unexpected financial distress for whatever reason and need to get the necessary financial patch urgently and as quickly as possible. But knowing the wide range of loans that occur on the Internet is a real challenge for those who are in finance.

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of fraudsters, and so the search for self-help becomes dangerous. Dudol includes only verified banks and non-banking companies in its advertising comparisons , so you do not have to worry about any abuse. This is simply not possible.

The Loan Catalog will show you a list of loans that are on the market and fully meet your criteria. The comparison as such is completely non-binding, and if you are not interested in any advertising offer in the end, it is entirely within your competence. The task of Dudol is only to present an advertising offer for loans and finance, not to impose on people services that they do not want.

Comparison of mortgages using Dudol

Most of us once decide to take steps that will lead to our own dream home. After all, no one wants to live in the possession of someone else for the rest of their lives, so it is really no wonder. But not everyone can afford to buy an apartment or house for their saved money. Real estate is not really cheap, and most people help themselves with mortgages.

And mortgages are another topic Dudol takes up. The promotional offer also includes a description of the mortgage market, so visitors can browse up-to-date information about each option. In terms of independence, it is really not a condition for the visitor to fill in anything. But if you really choose one of the options thanks to the advertising offer, it will be the first step on your way to your own home, which calls your name from afar.

Insurance comparison using Dudol

Bahal is not just an advertising catalog that deals with loans and mortgages. It also represents a perfect comparison of several types of insurance online. Nowadays, when danger surrounds us at every step, insurance is nothing that we should just wave.

Using Dudol comparator you can get an overview of the current liability insurance, motor hull insurance, travel insurance, property insurance and household insurance. Some of these items are an absolute necessity that you simply cannot do without. Others, in turn, are at your discretion.

However, it is worthwhile to get enough information about each of them and to decide whether or not it would be the ideal solution for you.

You don’t have to deal with everything yourself

You don

The world of finance and orientation in it can really work and if you do not know, it is worth looking for help in the form of advertising catalog Dudol, which will guide you through the offers. But he won’t tell you what to do and don’t do. This right belongs only to you. Just get help with basic insight and finance options. And that’s not a bad thing at all, is it?

Tips For Financing a Motorcycle

After the strong crisis we have been through. The opening of the mortgage loan has reopened, so before buying a motorcycle we must choose the most suitable loan.


We must know what to request a motorcycle loan

motorcycle loan

You must be over 18 years of age, not appear on any list of delinquents and have sufficient borrowing capacity to return the requested amount. It is also likely that, depending on the financial institution in question, the contracting of other attached services will be required for the granting of the loan.

The documents requested are usually the last 3 payrolls or a VAT declaration for the last year in the case of the self-employed, the last income statement or the relevant proof of income as well as the photocopies of the DNI.

Once these steps have been completed, we will have to see the possible options that exist to finance the purchase of this vehicle. In this sense, you can go to traditional banks, lending or financial companies. Then you will have to compare all offers with their respective interest rates, repayment terms, etc.


It is advisable to request a simulation of costs to know what will be the fee to pay

motorcycle loan

Capital to be amortized and interest. And of course, know all the commissions and expenses like the following:

  • Opening and study commission . Percentage that is applied when formalizing the loan.
  • Commission for early amortization . Amount charged if part of the outstanding capital is amortized.
  • Commission for total cancellation . Amount charged for canceling the loan in advance.
  • APR (Annual Equivalent Rate). It is the annual percentage to be applied
  • TIN (Nominal Interest Rate). Interest percentage to be charged for the loan.

To this we must add other additional expenses derived for example from the registration tax, the circulation tax and the insurance.

You know, check all the options at Lord Carry Wimpsey before applying for a loan to finance your motorcycle and get the conditions that best suit your situation.

Buy or Rent: Where to Save the Most Money | Pay Loan

Many people are considering buying a home. But the decision is not always easy, after all, it is of great importance. It also seems that the framework conditions have been better.

In recent years, prices for home ownership have increased significantly, especially in German cities. There, the real estate prices seem to know only one direction, namely the way up. That is why quite a few buyers are asking themselves whether it is even worthwhile to buy a house or an apartment. Maybe it could be better to do without a home and continue to live for rent.

Property purchase

Property purchase

Whether it actually makes sense to buy a home, can not say flat rate. If you want to know exactly, you must recalculate and check for yourself whether a purchase pays off. It has to be determined which costs are incurred now and which costs result from the acquisition of a home. At least it can be answered in such a way, whether a property purchase from a financial point of view is worthwhile.

Buy and rent in comparison

Buy and rent in comparison

It usually turns out that buying a home is a good choice. Reason for this are the permanently missing rental payments. Of course, there are years to pay loan installments, but then it is over. On the other hand, there are additional costs that keep recurring, in particular the property tax and, of course, the costs of maintaining the property.

The tenant, however, only makes his monthly rental payments. However, it should be noted that the rent is calculated very similar or the landlord in the costs already taxes, possible repair costs, etc. taken into account.

In general, it has been true for decades: Rents are rising faster than pensions. This means that in old age an increasing part of the rent has to be spent on the rental payments. Thus, pensioners are less and less money available for other things. If you live in your own home, you do not have this problem.

Not only the purchase prices are rising


As mentioned in the introduction, many prospective buyers are unsettled because property prices have risen sharply in recent years. But the development in rents is not much different. Who lives for rent, although not constantly receives a rent increase, but especially with tenant changes is usually pitched strong. In addition, the increases in the long term can not be avoided.

Last year, the Good Finance commissioned real estate companies to determine whether it would be better to buy residential property or continue to live for rent. The result of the study is clear, the costs of living in one’s own home are much lower than the rental costs.

However, the experts note that the cost advantage can vary greatly and is significantly influenced by the location of the property. In the overall average for Germany, the cost advantage of using residential property amounts to 41 percent. The range of benefits ranges from 13 to 67 percent, depending on where you live.

In addition, the experts found that the price trend is shifting. Increasingly often, a significant increase in real estate prices is also to be noted in middle-class cities. More and more prospective buyers are looking around in the middle-class cities – in the hope that they will be able to acquire excellent real estate for a reasonable price there. However, nobody should be unsettled by this development, because the experts do not see signs of the formation of a bubble.

Ten Lending Or Principles of Responsible Lending

Before you apply for a loan, it is a good idea to know a few important things. What are they like? We bring you an important ten loans that we recommend to read to anyone who is considering any loan. has examples

1) Don’t be trusting

1) Don

There are dozens of different providers on the market today, from which you can choose the right one. It is important not to trust but to check. Especially in the private non-banking segment, there are many dubious providers that are good to watch out for. The ideal is to find and read the various reviews and reviews, which today is no problem to find in many places on the Internet.

2) Do not nod at the first offer

2) Do not nod at the first offer

Do you find the recommended loan offer really good? Beware of rash decisions and never nod to the first offer. Take the time to think and see if there is another, better option or whether the offered one really can meet your expectations. The hasty signing of contracts can lead to a number of problems in the future. You can compare loans and providers today on many independent web portals that bring together all the information you need in one place.

3) Borrow only what you need

3) Borrow only what you need

Reconstruction of real estate, household equipment, car for family or work. These are all things you cannot do without. Borrowing them can be quite a good choice. And what are useless things you should not borrow? The most expensive electronics or computer technology, tens of thousands of mobile phones, Christmas gifts, holidays, and dozens of diverse wastes.

4) Do not repay longer than product life

4) Do not repay longer than product life

When planning a repayment schedule, you also need to take into account how long the thing you buy for money will serve you in total. If you pay long after you have paid it, your repayment is set up correctly. However, if the thing is over and you still pay it, it’s a mistake. Both when planning the payment schedule and when choosing the thing you want to get for the money.

5) Choose installments according to your possibilities

5) Choose installments according to your possibilities

It is tempting to have the loan repaid as quickly as possible. In terms of both profitability and termination. However, be sure to consider your options when choosing the amount of the installment. You should neither exceed the installment nor be the same. It should always be in your power, with the certainty that you will still have the payout money as a certain reserve for contingencies.

6) Read what you sign

6) Read what you sign

Remember that whatever your bank or non-banking company tells you, always make sure it’s written in a similar way. Never sign something that you don’t read. Once your signature is on the contract or other deed, it is very difficult to prove that the original agreement was different. For demanding contracts, ask for a study at home.

7) Do not look only at interest

7) Do not look only at interest

A favorable loan is always a necessity. But when comparing, do not just look at the interest rate. This is only part of the factors that affect the advantage or disadvantage of the loan. Various fees, additional payments and much more can also play a role. This is summed up by the APR. The annual percentage rate of charge is then calculated from the principal you have to pay. The lower the value, the better for you.

8) Think of the future life

8) Think of the future life

Getting a loan also means paying your obligations on time. Why? Because it may not be your only loan. Non-payment of obligations under the contract exposes you to the risk of entry in the registers. This will not only result in some providers refusing you in the future, but also those who do not refuse will only offer you loans that are very disadvantageous because of their high risk.

9) Do not borrow on current financial obligations

9) Do not borrow on current financial obligations

Do you have a loan that you cannot manage to repay and therefore you want to take another loan to pay the previous one? A big mistake that often leads to a debt spiral that can end in execution. If you are unable to meet your current obligations, try to make arrangements with your creditors in smaller installments, ask for refinancing or consolidation, or consider options such as personal bankruptcy.

10) Consider rejection as a positive

10) Consider rejection as a positive

Solid banks and non-banking companies do not lend to everyone. If your loan application is rejected, it is not just to avoid exposure to the lender. This is also because of your protection, where it has been assessed that a financial commitment may be detrimental to your potential or past. Feel the rejection as a positive, and never fall into the arms of questionable providers who approve your application, but under conditions that are extremely disadvantageous.

4 keys to request your mortgage loan from a municipal bank

If you have decided to apply for a loan to acquire a home, it is important to consider that there are different financing options, since many times the image you have is that banks are the only ones that grant this type of credit in the safest way possible.

What you should know is that currently you can also apply for mortgage loans to the municipal savings banks and although so far this option is not offered by all of the savings banks, as of the first quarter of 2017, more institutions will have those that have this product available. If you still wonder why you should consider municipal savings banks as an option, we present 4 advantages:

The savings banks focus on sectors with lower resources

Making it possible for people with lower incomes to access this product. Many of these institutions have their headquarters in different provinces, so much of their customers prefer them for the convenience it represents. If you live inside the country, it is an ideal option for credit.

When we are about to buy a home, any help that can be obtained is welcome, since it is not an ordinary purchase, but it could easily be qualified as the most important of our life.Although the credit is valid for everything related to housing, it has been observed that most of the loans granted by the funds have been used for construction or remodeling (improvement) of the home. 

The savings banks have more experience with clients whose income is informal

home loan with money cash

So that although they might be able to refuse it at a bank, they are more likely to be granted financing by these institutions. Evaluate your financial characteristics to see which option suits you best and which institution is offering you a better deal, whether a box or a bank. To choose, use web comparators such as the Poon Christels mortgage credit comparator.

How to save money with old appliances in the kitchen?

The refrigerator is turned on day and night , so it has a lion’s share of the total household consumption. If you decide to buy a new one, find out its energy intensity. Buy here with the best price / performance ratio. Today, refrigerators are only produced in the energy category “A” and higher, so you will be invested in a few years.

Daily operation of state-of-the-art refrigerators costs you CZK 1.60, while a 15-year-old refrigerator costs you CZK 12 a day. If you replace an old refrigerator with a new one, you will save almost CZK 4,000 a year.

You can also save money by placing the refrigerator in a reasonable place. Be sure not to place it next to an oven or stove that is radiating heat. When the refrigerator stands next to a heat source, it consumes more cooling energy, and it costs more money. Set it best in the shady corner.

Remember to defrost the refrigerator regularly. Only 3 millimeters of ice increase electricity consumption by up to 75%

New stove? The induction plate is the most effective

New stove? The induction plate is the most effective

In comparison to electric and gas cookers, the induction plate is the most advantageous . Although it is a bit more expensive, the cost will be refunded thanks to faster cooking. You can save several hundreds by choosing a lesser-known but quality appliance .

But you can also save with a gas stove. Clean the burner area regularly, remaining grease reduces thermal efficiency. Choosing the right pots is also important. The bottom surface should follow the size of each hotplate. Too small or large pot of cooking will become more expensive.

Use residual heat on both the electric hob and the induction hob. Turn off the hot plates five minutes before the end of cooking, cook the food on the cooling surface.

The lids and pressure cooker are priceless

The lids and pressure cooker are priceless

Whether you use gas for cooking, induction, or electric cooker, use lids.

Cooking is faster, reducing consumption and thus saving. Without lid, the consumption is 150 to 300% higher.

Another useful tool is the pressure cooker. It can save up to 60% on energy costs and 80% on time. Steam cooked lunch is also very healthy.

Put the dishes in the dishwasher

Put the dishes in the dishwasher

Dishwashing also has the potential to save considerable amounts. Especially if you wash it manually. The dishwasher consumes a fraction of the water and you save up to 30% of the cost. However, clean the filter regularly to maintain the efficiency of the dishwasher.

If you are in favor of manual washing, at least fill the sink and rinse the dishes. Do not wash it under running water, this is the most expensive option.

Do not use the kettle only for tea

Do not use the kettle only for tea

An electric kettle is best for water heating . Use it for example to prepare spaghetti. Do not heat the water on the stove, pour the spaghetti with warm water from the kettle . The water in the kettle will heat up faster than on the stove and you will save money . Only heat as much water as you need.

What unique features does installment loan bring?

Bankate does not need long introductions. In the segment of non-bank loans are among relatively well-known names. Now this company has come up with an interesting innovation, which is called Bankate installment loan. Since it is not yet widespread, it is definitely appropriate to look at the unique features. Here is a list of them.

Bankate in installments is not a micro-loan

Bankate in installments is not a micro-loan

The first unique thing to definitely mention is that Bankate in installments is not a classic micro-loan. It is a loan granted by the same company, but under a different business name. And so it differs in its characteristics. When we look at a particular classification, it falls rather into the segment of so-called consumer loans. Specifically, the category of non-purpose, which is characterized by the fact that it is not necessary to prove or indicate the purpose of the use of funds.

It still offers rather lower amounts

It still offers rather lower amounts

A classic micro-loan is characterized by a rather low amount of money. Specifically, there is a maximum amount of CZK 30,000. And how is Bankate in installments? It is a consumer loan, but even here the amounts are not significantly high. When we look at the lowest amount, it starts at CZK 10,000. If it is the maximum that can be obtained from the provider, it is the amount of 60 000 CZK. If we look across the non-banking segment, they are actually rather lower sums, as the competition is able to offer even amounts that are in the order of hundreds of thousands.

It has interesting options for flexible repayment


We have mapped the characteristics of the amounts. Now let’s also look at how it is with repayment. This will certainly please, as it can be described as quite flexible. Of course, the applicant can also choose how long he will repay his loan and how high will be the amount of the specific installment. The shortest available time is a period of 3 calendar months. As for the longest period, it is a period of 24 months. It should not be forgotten, however, that there are several advantages to repayment settings. These include:

  • Postponement of installment
  • Extraordinary installment
  • Possibility to increase or decrease the repayment

Bankate in installments can thus accommodate applicants, taking into account their needs. Not only in connection with the application itself, but also at any later time when the payment schedule needs to be modified.

Interest rates are higher

Interest rates are higher

The interest rates offered by Bankate installment loan are also unique. Here, however, we must make it clear that these are rates that are not very attractive. So they are not too low. It can be deduced that they are based on the segment of micro-loans, which are also not the most advantageous. However, the first free loan is not available here either.

If we look at interest, which is due to maturity in the range of 12-24 months, then we must say that its annual value ranges between 60-70 percent, which is certainly not a rate that would be extremely advantageous. Exactly opposite. Since Bankate’s installment loan also offers a loan for less than one year, it should be noted that the average annual interest rate here climbs up to 200%. However, this does not imply repayment of several times the amount borrowed, since the value of interest is mainly affected by the calculation methodology. With a loan amounting to CZK 60,000, 70,000 CZK will be paid depending on the repayment period at three months ‘maturity, or less than 84,000 CZK at 12 months’ maturity.

Table of installments

Table of installments

Loan amount Due date INTEREST APR total amount
CZK 10,000 3 months 206,15% 570,20% 13 616,64 CZK
20 000 CZK 6 months 113,43% 195,60% 27 112,26 CZK
30 000 CZK 12 months 66.66% 91.30% 41 898,36 CZK
40 000 CZK 18 months 67.26% 92.40% 64 538,28 CZK
50 000 CZK 24 months 59,69% 78.90% 86 683.2 CZK
60 000 CZK 24 months 59,69% 78.90% 104 020.08 CZK

The application procedure itself

The main unique thing about him is that everything can be done without personal meetings, as well as without the need for complex administration. Everything is done completely online, which puts Bankate in installments into the category of the simpler options and ways that exist in the non-banking segment. Not to forget that everything is done in three steps, which are successively linked. These are:

  • Withdraw money and maturity in an interactive form
  • Registration of a specific applicant
  • Approval process associated with delivery of necessary documents

If everything is done in the affirmative, it means that the client receives the approval information, which also means that the client is also sent funds. Everything is done exclusively by cashless transfer, ie in the mode of bank transfers.

Bankate will also offer customer administration

As mentioned above, it is also the duty of each applicant to register. This is necessary not only in order to verify its identity, which is linked to the terms of the loan. This is also necessary to create a client profile. And in the customer interface, which can be logged in at any time. It is here that he has information both at what stage and how his application is proceeding, and later he will find information about his loan. This gives it a clear overview of the main facts, including:

  • Payment amount and payment details
  • Dates of next installment
  • Number of remaining installments and amount remaining

Conditions are classic

Conditions are classic

Many people would expect Bankate’s installment loan to be significantly benevolent. This is because it offers a micro-loan, but also because the amounts are still relatively small. In benevolence, however, this non-banking provider is still hindered by domestic laws. According to them, it is obliged to check the ability to repay for each applicant. And that is also one of the conditions. If we stay with creditworthiness, it must also be remembered that the condition of obtaining money is also good financial history, as well as stable income.

If we look at the conditions related to personal screening, it is necessary to have national citizenship, the age of majority and the obligation to have 2 identity documents. Due to the method of payment, it is necessary to have a bank account with some domestic banks, which must be kept in the applicant’s name.

6 mistakes of who wants to save money and how to avoid them | Debts

The desire to save money is shared by thousands of Brazilians who seek to balance their finances, have a reserve for the future, make investments and achieve greater financial stability for themselves and the family.


However, there are some mistakes that you make and directly affect your plans to save to achieve your goals . In this text, you will know what they are and the main: how to avoid them. Follow us!

Do not set goals to save money

1. Do not set goals to save money

The first one is not having money-saving goals, saving only what’s left after spending, paying bills, and buying new things for the entire month.

By doing this, you do not create the habit of saving, you can not keep a fixed amount for your financial reserve, and therefore it takes much longer to achieve your goals. Not to mention that the chances of getting discouraged along the way are great.

Therefore, you need to stop, sit down and evaluate your net income to set a percentage – between 10% and 25%, depending on how much your budget is loose – that will be saved as soon as your salaries fall on your account. Thus, there is no danger of spending this value or using it for other purposes.

Not knowing what your expenses are


A second misconception is not knowing what your monthly expenses are . After all, if you have no control over what you spend and how you are budgeting yourself, you will hardly have the ability to set economic goals and take them on. Therefore, it is important to review this posture and adopt a larger organization in your routine .

To do so, create an expense spreadsheet and note religiously all your financial transactions, their values ​​and what segment they are linked to. Below, we exemplify. Look:

  • leisure: programs, tours, trips etc;

  • health: medical plan, dental plan, exams, remedies etc;

  • housing: rent, gas, water, internet, condominial fee etc;

  • education: college, language school, college, exchange, etc.

In this way, it will be possible to monitor the evolution of your expenses , determine what aspect of your life there are higher costs and avoid, even, late accounts that may generate future headaches.

Try to cut all expenses at once

3. Try to cut all expenses at once

You have just identified where your money is going and realized, for example, that leisure is your main source of expenditure. Because of this, you decide to take action to save money and save more . What’s the first thing you do?

If you said cut all the expenses you have in relation to it, know that the answer is wrong . Although the intention is good, execution of this idea is not the most appropriate. This is because radicalism can, at first, even have the desired effect.

However, it will only take a few weeks for you to notice that it will impair your quality of life and your mental health , since you will no longer have programs to relax, enjoy and enjoy with your children, friends, relatives, etc.

Therefore, the ideal in this situation is to assess which leisure expenses are unnecessary , which are repeated and which can be replaced by more economical alternatives . From there, just do a planning and put these measures into practice.

Leave all the money in the checking account


A fourth quite common mistake is to keep your money in the checking account , including the one that is being spared with so much effort. The reason for this is quite simple: with this value always available and easily accessible, it increases the temptation to spend it and the false certainty that you later restore it.

The problem is that this becomes a habit and when you realize everything you’ve saved is gone. Therefore, it is best to separate it, either by saving it in savings, by investing it for income, and by increasing its reserves .

Use credit card without control

In addition to what we have already mentioned, know that using credit card discretion can also become a big problem for anyone who wants to save money. After all, a lot of people use it for small day-to-day purchases because of their derisory price – for $ 10, $ 20 or $ 30, for example – and forget that on the invoice they will be charged unified form at the end of the month.

Not to mention, of course, those who make various acquisitions and always parcel out the value of them without taking into account the benefits that are already open. As a result, this account can weigh in the pocket and, if not paid on time, generate a debt with steadily rising burdens that will destabilize your budget and prevent you from meeting your goals set there at the beginning.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to increase self-control in relation to the credit card . As? Keeping only one copy and reserving it only for cases of real need. Instead, opt to always shop in plain sight.

Spend money every time you leave home.

To conclude, one could not miss a misconception present in the routine of many people and that is intrinsically related to the last two errors that we address: the habit of spending every time that leaves home .

To get an idea, there are those who can not take a stroll in the mall that inevitably ends up buying something they saw in a shop window. Because of this, saving money becomes a non-viable task and the chances of acquiring debt increase considerably. In these cases, it is crucial to deal with the impulses and become resistant to them .

For this, you can use a few tricks when leaving home, such as not taking any credit or store card, just walk with a necessary amount for transportation and food, disable the card-free service on your checking account. automatic boxes etc.

As you have seen, there are simple – and sometimes trivial – mistakes that can hinder and delay your money-saving plan . However, with organization, self-control and preventive measures it is possible not only to avoid them, but also to ensure that it is possible to create a solid and continuous financial reserve .

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